Friday, February 3, 2012

Are you a Techo Geek or a Farmer?

Reconciling the farm girl in me and the technology lover isn't easy. I dropped my IPhone in Teddy's water bucket the other day and I Was devastated. :( I love my "techno toys". I have an IPhone, an iPad, cable tv on a flat screen etc. Those things have become a part of my life and I can't live without them. That being said there is another part of me that feels connected to nature and all that entails. I love it so much and feel like it's so important to our health and happiness, that our family has moved to a farm and started a business revolving around it. Can we be both? Can a nature lover and a techno geek coexist?

The name "Turn Back Time" comes from a time in the past when children left the house in the morning and didn't return home until dinner. They played, discovered and negotiated with the world around them in a way that many children have never experienced in today's society. We are a society that is "plugged in" for most of the day from a very young age. It is difficult to imagine that the recommendation for the amount of television watched by young children is less than an hour a day, yet if you speak to many families their children watch five to seven times that amount. If you ask parents if they thought being outdoors would benefit their children the answer would be an unequivocal yes, but the practicality of actually making that happen is too difficult. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends "60 minutes of unstructured free play as an essential part of children's physical and mental health and social development".

Our goal of "Turning Back Time" comes from a desire to bring the children and families who come to our farm back to a simpler life. Adults will find themselves remembering a time when they headed outside in the morning and didn't come home until dark. Children will be able to get dirty and move their bodies, putting aside worries and focusing on the small miracles in the world around them.....then we can send them in to play video games guilt free!

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