Thursday, March 22, 2012


We've had a lot of visitors on the farm in the past week and I realized there is something happening in my life and it's about more than just starting a farm. I am making the most amazing connections and building relationships that make every step of this journey a joy!

I want to work with children we all knew that, it's the reason this farm exists. What I didn't think about is how fantastic it is to have so many young professionals come along side me. My daughter Sarah is on the board of directors and is our curriculum director and special education/behavior expert. My nephew Erik is builder, web designer and farmer extraordinaire! We have a young gentleman Mitch who is a senior at Clark University and is helping with our business plan and marketing strategy. My sister Grace and her boyfriend Isaiah have contributed so much helping us to make connections and add dimension to our program. All of this has been done on a volunteer basis. They all act like I'm doing them a favor, letting them help create something like this. I just sit back and think I'd be drowning without each and every one of you.

My husband and I feel that every person we meet that works on the farm, hears our story and offers encouragement , or connects us to someone who can help, it's like they own a piece of what we are doing here. That was my vision, my open the door to this farm and let people in. Maybe farming is not for you, that's ok, you can go sit by the pond and have a cup of coffee and just breathe. I want you to feel the magic though because this has already been a magical, dare I say spiritual experience for me!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I wonder why?

I have a lot of people in my life...I'm lucky that way. Some of them think that what we are doing here on the farm is amazing but some of them just think we are crazy. I am not able to fully explain why Jim and I continue to put ourselves in situations that do NOT point in the direction of empty nest or retirement.

What I can tell you is this, the other day Damion told me he was going to head up to the pig pen and have a staff meeting with the pigs! I'm not sure what went on at a staff meeting between a 10 year old boy with developmental disabilities and a couple of pigs, but I am pretty sure it was amazing!

A couple of days later on Presidents Day we all had the day off and were working outside, not one of us complaining about what had to be done. I know it's a mild year but I have never know what sunshine February brings until we moved here. Even on the coldest days it's glorious! We had let the goats out to graze since they are harmless and dont go to far, recognizing that food comes everyday at about 5. Teddy (the horse) was not happy that his housemates were free and he was not. We decided to let him go run even though we don't have the upper pasture fenced in yet. He bolted up the hill and bucked and jumped, happier than we had seen him since the day he came here. It was one of the most exhilarating things to watch, even Jim who plays his emotions pretty close to the cuff was amazed.

Those little things capture the vision we have for our farm. They don't happen everyday but when they do we know why we're here. We want others to come and feel that even on the smallest scale because it matters. You might not want to go to the staff meeting with Damion but maybe you'll want to sit in the field and let the sun shine on you and you'll understand what I mean.